Don't Look Back In Anger - Oasis
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Don't Look Back In Anger guitar sheet music extract

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Don't Look Back In Anger for solo guitar- video

My performance of this piece in the above video differs from the notation slighty in the bridge and chorus sections. This is just me messing about with it and I hope demonstrates how you can, and should, try different things with any arrangement you learn. Remember this isn't Mozart, maybe you can come up with a better way to arrange a section of piece than the arranger did!


Don't Look Back In Anger is in the key of C, not a bad key for guitarists. However as a solo guitar arrangement it works far better up a tone in D.
I have put in some subtle melodic variations in each verse; it is important to do these. So many arrangers or solo guitar music arrange on verse and then just repeat the same way each time. This is very amateur and incredibly boring to listen to.
Often in solo guitar arrangements of if there is a solo of any king the arranger just misses it out! Not so here. The full guitar solo is there and even all the little licks that accompany the melody.
I had to make a few alterations end of the guitar solo. On the original there is a lot of high string bending which just doesn't work in a solo fingerstyle/classical guitar style. So I have replaced them more idiosyncratic techniques such as fast rolling arpeggios and rasguedos

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