Professional guitarist, guitar teacher and arranger of music for solo guitar

Wedding guitarist Guitarist

Jason started having guitar lessons at the age of 9 from a jazz guitarist. He went on to become classically trained at the Royal Welsh College Of Music and has since played in many types of bands and done much diverse session guitar work from a Shostakovich musical to a Blondie tribute act! All this experience has made Jason into a true all-round guitarist.

Guitar Lesson 2 Teacher

Jason is a guitar teacher with over 25 years of teaching and playing experience. He was himself was a student with guitar legends such as John Williams, Jorge Morel, John Mills and David Russell.

J's face Arranger

His knowledge of music and his mastery of the guitar come together in his beautiful solo guitar arrangements of classic songs. While he always strives to keep as much of the music from the original arrangement as possible - more than you'd think possible for one guitar - he manages to do so in a way which makes the song sound and feel as if it was written as a solo guitar piece.